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What is Luxe?

Hush Luxe is our pioneering collection of 50 meticulously crafted surface shades. They seamlessly join our existing line of 15 original solid core colours, now referred to as Element.

But it's something more than just new colours. It's the fusion of our core options with them! It's about the alchemy that happens when the Haze or Polar core is paired with the colour of your choice.

We invite you to explore this game-changing collection and redefine the aesthetics of acoustic design.

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How to Apply Luxe Colours

Choose Your Core

Start by selecting your base material from our two options: Haze, a darker option that introduces a flecked texture; Polar, a light, ethereal material that can subtly highlight colours.

Pick Your Colour

Next, delve into our collection of 50 exquisite shades. Each colour is designed to enhance your chosen core, creating a unique and stunning effect tailored to your project.

Exposed Core

Discover the transformative power of the Exposed Core, where a simple choice between Haze and Polar, coupled with our varied colour combinations, can shape entirely unique atmospheres and moods. The exposed core present at the edges or within the etchings creates eye-catching lines that enhance the geometric design and introduce a bold contrast, thereby enriching and elevating your chosen product.


This Matrix Ceiling Baffle features an exposed Fog core, visible along the edges. It is shown in the Watermelon colour with a speckled texture.


This Matrix Ceiling Baffle showcases an exposed Snow core, visible on the edges. It is shown in the Watermelon colour.


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